Friday, 14 February 2014

Avoid Flat Tires

     So this week I wanted to talk about a tractor. The tractor that I have in mind is called a combine. It is a tractor that harvests, threshes, and cleans grain. The story is a tragedy and it comes as so often many things do, from laziness.
     That morning was like any other, Stockton woke up and got ready for the day. He was going to be working all morning for his dad by driving the combine over a huge field his family owned. What a day what a day! Driving the combine was one of the most boring jobs he had to do on the family farm. The technique is quite simple, drive for about 10 miles 1 way, then when you get to the end of the field you turned it around and go the other way, similar technique to using a vacuum cleaner, you just want to run over every square inch of the field. The combine his family had was very expensive, and went about 8 miles per hour while harvesting.
     After a few hours of driving it was getting quite warm, and Stockton hadn't gotten the best nights sleep. He knew he should just take a break, but his pride, and the possibility of displeasing his father kept him going. After a few close calls, eventually the inevitable happened and he fell dead asleep while making a pass on the field, about halfway done with the field. The combine, of course, had cruise control and continued along it's path and slammed down one of the fences surrounding the property.
     Unfortunately somehow one of the posts of the fence created a puncture in the tire of the combine, which was surprising because the wheels are very durable and should have been just fine. This was a costly mistake, it was a front tire and would cost the family about $1000 to replace it. You can imagine Stockton's father was not overly impressed by the reason why the incident had happened. At the end of the day it was put down to pure laziness. That or a lack of common sense. It was a pretty embarrassing situation.
     The Book of Mormon is a book of scripture that I believe along with the Bible is scripture and the word of God. Together, they support and teach us about God and are powerful witnesses of him. They contain God's warnings for us today, and how we can be happy in this life and have eternal life in the life to come. By reading and praying about both of them together, you can come to know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God.
     Sometimes a lapse of concentration, or a foolish move on my part can cause me to experience bad things. But I know that by paying attention and taking the simple steps to strengthen my testimony, that it will lead me to increased happiness. It is as simple as reading the scriptures, praying about them, and attending church. Nearly as simple as turning a combine around, it may be intimidating at first if you are asked to do it, especially if you have never had the experience of driving a combine before. Likewise going to church, reading, and praying, seem difficult at first but are actually very simple steps that anyone can take. I have seen how doing this has helped me to find more happiness and avoid a lot of tragedies in my life. I have found and maintained a testimony that God is there from these things.

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  1. I have to admit, I can not blame him for falling asleep- that does seem like a very boring job! You have turned into a beautiful analogy. I am so grateful that the Lord has given us the Bible and the Book of Mormon so that we can learn more of Him, learn the meaning of true happiness, and learn how to return to Him again someday! Thank you for the reminder!